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LifeRPG Tasks


LifeRPG Tasks - task manager which allows you to create and track your everyday tasks and develop your virtual self along with skills, characteristics and levels.By performing your everyday tasks you can level up skills, which will enhance characteristics. And besides, higher skill level – faster characteristic will enhance.There are 9 basic characteristics which can be enhanced:- Intelligence.- Wisdom.- Strength.- Stamina.- Dexterity.- Perception.- Memory.- Charisma.- Health.To each characteristic can be bound infinite number of skills! For instance, you can add skill “Weightlifting” and bind it to characteristic Strength. Every time when “Weightlifting” skill will level up – Strength level will be also increased. Besides, when skill with higher level will be leveled up – characteristic level will be increased with higher number of points. Each skill can be bound to any number of characteristics.
Same way tasks can be bound to skills. For example, you can add task “Gym workout” and bind it to skill “Weightlifting”. Then when you perform workout in gym, “Gym workout” task will be done and “Weightlifting” skill XP will increase. Each task can be bound to any number of skills. Infinite number of tasks can be added to each skill.
Develop your virtual self to make promotion and improvement in real life.